Sunday, January 10

The Elleman Annual Gingerbread Party

Time to play catch up on the blog and I have a lot to blog from our fun December!

Our favorite Christmas party each year is the Elleman Gingerbread Party. Allyn and Aaron started hosting this party for about 8 couples around 8 years ago. They always serve the best food for our dinner and allow us to make their house a mess for a few hours every year. We all bring our own supplies to make our houses and pretty much the only rule is that you cannot assemble ahead of time. The competition gets harder and harder each year. Each year, John and I think we will win or at least place. We never do. We really thought that this year would be our year. We made a lighthouse in honor of the lighthouse our family climbed while we were in Cozumel. Sadly, we did not win, or even place, but we had a great time trying!

Maybe next year!

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Sydney said...

Hooray for new blog posts!
I think your house is AWESOME- who judges anyways?