Sunday, January 10

Christmas Eve, Eve

On the night of December 23rd (which we called Christmas Eve, Eve all day) we took our annual stroll of The Lights of the Ozarks at the Fayetteville Square. (We usually do this earlier in the month with the Hannon's, but with Emma being in school and other holiday parties/birthdays and sickness, it kept getting pushed back) We changed it up a bit this year and ate dinner at Hugo's instead of Tim's Pizza. The girls had never been and it is one of our favorite date dinners in Fayetteville. We love Hugo's, but John and I agreed that it is not the most ideal place for kids because it is so tiny. I think we will be heading back to Tim's next year with the girls.

The square was beautiful, as always. It is crazy how magical it still is, year after year. It never gets old.

We treated the girls to a pony ride which they loved!

We ran into the Eichler's while we were there, so they saved us from having to ask a random family to take our picture. Thanks guys!

We started a new tradition this year of taking the girls to the Dollar Tree (their most favorite place!) for them to pick out a Christmas gift for each other. They were both so excited to go and pick something out. It was neat to see. We will do this again next year, but will for sure go before Christmas Eve Eve. The place was cleared out!

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Sydney said...

I love the sibling gift exhange too, though we haven't done it yet b/c our kids are so little- but I was curious how to control cost since there are 4 of them. LOVE the $Tree idea!