Tuesday, October 6

Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn!!

Today is Brooklyn's actual birthday and I CANNOT believe that my baby is 3. Where has the time gone? 3 years ago today at this moment (8:45AM), John and I were headed to my clinic because I had been laboring through the night. They sent us home because I had not progressed. I promised them that she would be here today. By about 4:00 PM, I was back at the hospital bent over in half because of contractions, begging for a room and an epidural. Apparently, I had made some progression through the day. I was dilated to a 7. She was born around 8:30PM, 7 days early and lucky enough to share a birthday with her Aunt "Mamy". Happy Birthday Amy!!!

I will blog about her fun Princess Party soon, but for now, enjoy the flashback over the past 3 years.........

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kate said...

So sweet! Yea for Brooklyn!