Wednesday, October 7

Brooklyn's Princess Party

Emma was out of school last Friday, so we took advantage of that and had Brooklyn's party on Friday morning. She wanted a Disney Princess Party, so that is what we did. She invited a few little girlfriends and asked them to dress up too. It was super cute! We made crowns and played a few princess games. I had made some little tea sandwiches to eat along with goldfish and grapes. My biggest task was making Brooklyn's cake. I have admired the "Barbie Cake" from Rick's for so long and someone told me how easy it was to make, so I went out on a limb and gave it a shot. It did not turn out the way I had it in my head, but it turned out pretty decent for my first attempt at making a cake. I am now inspired to take a cake decorating class. John took so many GREAT pictures, but it so hard to post all of them on here. Check out my Facebook page if you want to see more!

I think Brooklyn had a great time at her party and has been asking for another party ever since. We celebrated again yesterday on her actual birthday. She wanted to ride the carousel at the mall and eat pizza, so that is what we did as a family.

John and I gave her a new bike and she loves it. Emma gave B the Three Musketeers Barbie, Corinne. It has become a tradition for us to get both girls new pj's on B's birthday since it is the beginning of cold weather.

B, we love you very much and feel so blessed that God gave us you to take care of on this Earth. What a blessing you are!

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Sydney said...

So cute! I love the cake Al- such talent (though I have to admit I am a little scared of Barbie in general). Your girls are precious!