Monday, June 22

Sweet Sisters

I have a slew of pictures to post and blog about from our fun weekend in Mountain Home with John's family. Both of his parents are retiring after 35 years of work in the same place. It was a fun weekend, but overwhelming to blog. So, I'm starting with the easier blog.

We left Mtn. Home yesterday and traveled to Conway to drop Emma off with my parents. She is going to spend the week with them in Little Rock and go to Vacation Bible School. Brooklyn and I have a few appointments to be here for the first part of the week (and we are hoping Allyn will have her baby too), so we are going to go down to LR towards the end of this week.

Emma has been looking forward to go to GG and PaPa's house and going back to VBS. She was a little unsure about going alone, but she got over that quickly. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has had trouble warming up to the idea of Emma being gone. Sweet little girl loves her big sister so much. She did not get to upset when we left Conway yesterday (as you can see, she fell fast asleep in the car), but I really think she was thinking Emma would be back in a few hours. We got home and Brooklyn and I went to the grocery store. This was our conversation going home:

Brooklyn: Emma home now?
Emma: No B, Emma is spending the night with GG and Papa for a few days.
B: NO, Emma, my home, NOW.

B had a hard time going to bed and after going in there the third time, she asked if she could sleep with Emma's "baby purple bankies". I think she might have just needed something of Emma's to help her through the night.
She has asked for her multiple times today and after getting a new leotard, wanted so badly to just show Emma.

The love goes both ways. When I talked to my Mom today, she said that the first thing Emma prayed for at dinner last night was Brooklyn. When they went outside to play, Emma picked a flower specifically for B to have when she gets there. My Mom said that Emma mentioned today that she missed Brooklyn. My Mom took Emma to the $1 store after VBS to pick a few things out and my Mom said that on the way there, Emma said, "GG, can I pick something out for Brooklyn too?" So, when I briefly talked to Emma today she told me all about the little white bear she bought for B at the $1 store.

I knew kindergarten was going to be an adjumstment for all of us, but I'm begining to think it is going to be even harder than expected. It is amazing to me how much I miss Emma and how much I miss hearing E and B play together during the day. Yes, they fight sometimes, but more often they play really well together. Brooklyn seems like a lost duck around our house today. John reminded me that B has never really been without Emma.

I love sisters!


Sydney said...

LOVE this post. This happens all day long at our house (even when Ryley just has naptime on the couch while the twins are sleeping in the room they cry for her) Seriously. Isn't it great though? The greatest gift in the world is siblings!

Enjoy your time with just B this week. Maybe we can chat on the phone when you are in the car on the way back to LR!!

Grace said...

They ARE sweet sisters! I loved spending time with them this week! Tell B I said hi!