Monday, June 1

Silver Dollar City with the Walker's

We spent the day at Silver Dollar City on Saturday. The drive to Branson is only 2 hours, so it makes for an easy and very fun day trip. John's parents gifted us with season passes for Christmas, so when you pack your own lunch it is almost free. (although you have to spend a little money on the yummy frozen lemonade, kettle corn, ice cream, etc...) Along with our season passes, it comes with a few guest passes to use during certain dates of the year. We invited the Walker's to go with us and we had a blast. Molly and Emma are both 5 1/2, Brooklyn 2 1/2 and Morgan 1 1/2. Sweet Morgan was a trooper all day and poor thing was not tall enough to ride some of the rides. She wanted to so badly!

This was a whole new year for B. She reached the 36" in heighth that most of the rides require, so she was able to ride almost everything Emma could. Brooklyn's favorite thing were the big swings. She really wanted to do them and I wasn't sure it would go over well, but at the end of the ride, she looked up at John and said, "More please!".

Emma decided she was ready for a roller coaster. Bret, John and I took Molly and Emma on Fire in the Hole first and they were not to crazy about it. Surprisingly, Emma still wanted to try Thunderation. This did not go over well. Poor Emma was crying at the end and John felt terrible. It was very jerky for a little body and she actually has a little bruise on her back. She has told us a few times that she does not want to do that again.

John's parents were in Branson too, so they met us out there for the last few hours we were there. We were able to eat dinner with them and ride a few rides.

We had arrived at SDC around 11:30 and we left the park at 7:00. It was a full day and a no nap day for B. She did great and for some reason stayed awake for the ride home. We gave a quick bath and then put them in bed. Never heard a peep!

Thanks Walker's for going with us!!


kate said...

How fun! Annika wants to ride those rides she said! I can't wait until we live close enough to see each other more often! We found out San Antonio is only 4 hours from Ft. Worth, so maybe you guys can come down and go with us sometime!

Anonymous said...

You should of taken them on the Giant Swing that will take you out of your seat at the very top.