Friday, April 10

Fun City

Brooklyn has been doing really well going potty. She has had very few accidents going #1, but is still struggling with why she would need to go #2 on the potty. Emma did the same thing, so I know it will come.

Brooklyn finished her potty chart a few weeks ago and her end prize was a trip to Fun City. We had not found a good time to go, but with John having off today and the weather outside being crummy, we decided to go today. For those of you who don't live here, it is much like Chuck E Cheese, but with more physical activity. They have a huge maze with tunnels and slides, plus a ball pit.

The girls had a great time. Brooklyn loved everything and smiled the entire time. The video of her laughing is priceless. I love that laugh!

They did win some tickets and one of the prizes they chose was a "Best Friends" necklace. It was a hard concept for Emma to grasp on why she only got half the heart. She finally figured it out and kept telling B how they were best friends. This all goes right in plan with my brain washing. A more mature Mom told me a while back that the more you tell your kids that they will be best friends, the more they will believe it and live it out. I think it is working. Plus, I really do think that E and B love each other and would rather play together than with anyone else. I have seen their love for one another more in the past month than ever before and it makes my heart very, very glad. It is also an answer to a prayer that I have prayed since Brooklyn was born. I will pray it always forthem.

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