Tuesday, April 14


Celebration #1

Emma and Brooklyn go to school at a local church and every year they put on a Community wide Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before Easter. It is always a ton of fun. It was beautiful on Saturday and the perfect day for an egg hunt and picnic.
They divided the kids in age groups for the hunt and B was one of the older ones in her division. She was getting all the eggs and I ended up removing her from the competition so that the other small children could get a few eggs themselves. We went and joined John and Emma for the rest of the time.

Celebration #2

We knew the weather was going to be yucky on Easter and that we would be rushed to do a big family lunch before naps, so we celebrated with the Hannon's on Saturday night. Sam's brothers family also came over and we had a great time. We ate a YUMMY dinner and then the older Hannon kids hid eggs for the younger ones in their front yard. We spent a lot of time outside hunting eggs and taking pictures. It was a fun night.

Celebration #3

We woke up Easter morning to a monsoon. Not my favorite weather for Easter, but Jesus was alive and we celebrated despite the weather. I woke up early to make Monkey Bread for breakfast. Unfortunately, my efforts got a little to crisp in the oven and it was not as yummy as usual. We woke the girls up and let them see their Easter baskets. Candy, sunglasses and nightgowns were in both of their baskets. Emma also got a little clock for beside her bed. We don't do the Easter bunny around here. Just have never wanted to bring a bunny into the day. We ventured to church in the monsoon weather and made it in somewhat dry. We put Brooklyn in her class, but took Emma with us to the Family Worship Service. It was fun having Em in there with us although she was not as excited. She didn't know the songs like she does in her class, so it was not as fun for her.
We went to eat a Mexican lunch as a family and then went home to nap and watch golf. A good way to spend a rainy Easter Sunday. B woke up with a fever, so we laid low the rest of the day.

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kate said...

Very fun! They are so cute!