Tuesday, March 31

Love Languages

As you know from previous posts, we have been working on potty training Brooklyn. Emma has been so helpful, so encouraging and super patient. I kept feeling like she wasn't getting very much attention through all of it, but it never seemed to phase her. She just kept being an encouragement to B.

I told Emma that I would like to reward her AWESOME attitude over the past week and gave her the option of picking out a new dress up outfit when we went to get one for Brooklyn's reward or I would take her on a Mommy/Emma date. Her eyes lit up and I figured she would jump on the dress-up outfit, but instead this came out of her mouth, "I want to go on a date with you!"

My response was, "Really?"

Being that my love language is "quality time", my heart was full! Those of you that know Emma, know that she is the queen of dress up, so for her to pick me over a new dress is huge. She made my day!

I asked her what she wanted to do and she said, "I just want to go to McDonald's with you and get a Happy Meal."

So, last Thursday, I picked her up from school early and took her to McDonald's. Then we went back to pick up Brooklyn a few hours later.

I have been reading the 5 Love Languages for Kids and have had fun analyzing what category Emma falls in. I still feel like Brooklyn is a little young to tell. I learned with Emma through potty training, that she loves words of encouragement. I do believe that "words" is a strong second to her primary love language which is "quality time". Isn't it so interesting how we all feel love so differently?

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Mandy said...

that's really sweet...glad you had a fun mommy/daughter date :)