Saturday, March 7

6 Girls + 3 female dogs + John = a fun 2 days!

I had not seen my Mom, Sister and Claire since Claire's birthday party which was the 2nd of January. It was WAY past time for us to get together. They all came up to our house for 2 days of fun. My sisters 2 female dogs, Maggie and Molly + Belle + Emma, Brooklyn, and Claire + Cathy, Mom, and Me = 9 girls. To say John was outnumbered was an understatement! He was at work during the day and was gone at Bible study one of the nights. My Dad considered him a lucky guy!

We had lots of fun. We hung around the house a lot, but did get to get out and enjoy the pretty weather too. On Wednesday my Mom played PlayDoh with the girls for almost 2 hours.

After Claire's morning nap, we went to the bakery to get yummy cookies and then to the park to play. After the afternoon naps, we hit the neighborhood for a little walk. We were quite a sight with all the strollers.

My girls went to school on Thursday. My Mom, Cathy, Claire and I visited a new shop called Rif Raf and then ate a quick lunch before they left town. It always seems like to quick of a visit. Luckily, we will be going to LR in a few weeks to see everyone again.

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