Tuesday, January 20

Thank you Martin Luther King

Thanks to Martin Luther King and Kellogg, John had a holiday yesterday. I love 3 day weekends with him and so do the girls.

I had arranged for the girls and I to volunteer at the Samaritan House yesterday before I knew John had the day off. I was so happy to find out that he would join us on our first day there. We are going to volunteer every other Monday up there. Our job will be packing "snack packs" for school aged kids to take home with them on the weekends when school lunches are not provided. It breaks my heart to think of little kiddos not having food on the weekends. I also knew it was something that my girls (well, Emma) could grasp their little heads around. It has been hard finding service opportunities that Brooklyn could easily take part in. After hearing of this, I knew she could throw some stuff in a bag. This week, we unpacked loads and loads of oatmeal packets and divided them 4 to a baggie. Brooklyn got a lot of good practice counting! I'm pretty sure they need as many volunteers as possible, so let me know if you ever want to join us on a Monday.

We left the Center and headed to Sam's Club to eat lunch. Can't beat a lunch for 4 that costs about $7. The four of us ate and then headed home for some quiet time. Got up and headed to gymnastics. John did Brooklyn's class with her and they did great. It was fun for me to get to watch for a change!
Todd came over to eat dinner with us. (a typical Monday night) Emma's prayer for dinner topped off our day and summed up my thoughts as well:

Dear God,
Thank you for today. Thank you for letting Daddy not have to go to work. I wish he would never have to work again. Amen.

Now if only John could never have to go to work again, but the paycheck would continue to find its way to our checking account!


Erica said...

Such a cute prayer!

kate said...

She did put it perfectly! Amen to that!
What a great way to help out! I would so go do that with you if we could! Miss you!

The Walkie Talkie said...

That is precious! Love it!