Monday, December 1


We had a great Thanksgiving with John's parents in Mtn. Home. On Friday, we headed to Branson to do our traditional Silver Dollar City night. We love being out there with all the lights. It was actually warm enough to ride some rides. It always gets us ready for Christmas.
My family (Mom, Dad, Cathy and her whole crew) joined us in Branson on Saturday to celebrate Emma's birthday a little early. I loved having everyone there together and I am so thankful for in-laws and parents that like each other. It was a great weekend, but we did not take a lot of photos. I did take this one before entering SDC, mainly to document the fact that John twisted his knee out of socket and back in on Thanksgiving Day (playing golf-a high impact sport :) ) and he enjoyed SDC on crutches. Aren't they cute and cozy in this picture?

I could write about a million things right now that make me happy, but I think I'm going to stick with just this one. I have plenty of time to tell you all the other reasons I love this time of year. Since it is December 1st, that means it is the beginning of Advent. (actually it started yesterday) I bought these little Advent mittens last year and I love them.
My Mom always gives the girls little Christmas treats at the beginning of December to enjoy before Christmas. I'm using those gifts, along with a couple items I found, plus Christmas crafts to do as we count down to Jesus' birthday.
They won't receive a gift every day. We will also add people to pray for in the mittens.
The gifts are not the point of Advent, they are just a fun little thing for the girls. This year, we are really going to follow the Advent readings. I can't say that tonight went all that smoothly, but I'm hoping it will plant a seed in their little hearts. If we could only get Brooklyn to sit still and listen for longer than 5 seconds. (I know, she is 2) I think it will be a neat holiday tradition and hopefully will help us keep our focus on what the true meaning of Christmas. Here are the scriptures for each day. You can also make an Advent wreath, but we are not doing that this year.

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Melissa Darby said...

Hooray for Silver Dollar City. Do they still have Fire in the Hole?!