Tuesday, December 9

Christmas Crafts

We made these cute foam magnets last week. I did most of the cutting, but Emma assembled everything. She is the one that decided what to make too. I had seen the idea in the fall for fall magnets, but we never got around to it.

You guys have probably seen this reindeer idea before, but we have never made one. I just love them! I love that we will have something 20 years from now to see the size of their little feet and hands.

I know the question on the top of everyone's head is whether or not our children actually own clothing and get their hair brushed? If we are home for the day, I don't even bother dressing them. If I did, it would end up on the floor because all they do is dress up. The "at home" days are the days we end up doing crafts and taking pictures!


Grace said...

Can I make some?

Anonymous said...

I love this reindeer foot-and-hands :) I might have my kids do this now. I am looking for Christmas craft ideas that they can make on their own. They will surely love this reindeer!

Erica said...

So funny! I love that they get to stay in a conglameration of pajamas and dress-up clothes. That is very girlie!
I like the reindeer idea. I am hoping to make a handprint ornament this year, for the same reason.

Milton said...

VERY cute Allison! I've got one in a clean diaper and dressed right now and one still in his pull-up and it's 8:30AM! P.S. Momma is still in her pj's for sure. ;)

aimee said...

i LOVE the reindeer idea! have never seen that before but want to do with madeleine.