Monday, November 10


It has been hard to find "happies" in the midst of the stomach bug that has plagued our house since last Wednesday night. We had a break from it from Thursday afternoon-Saturday and I thought it was gone. Emma and I got it Saturday, but we experienced it in different ways. John got it this morning in the same way I got it. Brooklyn's has lingered the longest. She started throwing up on Wednesday night and some on Thursday morning, then has continued with diarrhea. Her last blow out was yesterday afternoon. The poor thing is still whiny and not eating anything but crackers. She has no appetite.

I know, you are thinking, this is not a "happy" post. The point of my "happies" posts are to help me see the "happies" in my life even if things are hard or not going great. All you Moms and Dads know that it is hard raising these little ones and although the fun FAR outweighs the other stuff, it is just plain hard at times. Especially when you are cleaning up vomit, whiping bottoms, and lysoling every inch of your house to reduce the risk of spread.

In the midst of the hard times over the past days, I have had some happies. Even if I had to really search for them!!
1. I have enjoyed some AWESOME cuddle time with my girls, especially Brooklyn. (I have no pictures b/c no one had the energy to pick up the camera)

2. God knew this was all coming and he allowed Todd and Nana to give us new movies this week. Nana sent Tinkerbell and Abby in Wonderland (Sesame Street) on Wednesday, so it was perfect timing for watching on Thursday. Todd brought over the new Barbie Christmas Carol on Tuesday, but we did not show Emma so we could save it for a movie night. Movie night came on Saturday night when Emma's sickness started. Thank you Todd and Nana!!!

3. Being sick always reminds me that we are blessed to be as healthy as we are. I know there are so many moms and dads out there living in hospitals and watching their little ones suffer and fight to stay alive. Thank you Jesus for our health.

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Grace said...

Awww! Poor family! You guys are never sick! I love you guys!