Monday, November 3


The trees in NWA are AMAZING right now! This is my favorite tree every year and lucky enough it is just down the street from me on Carley Road, so I pass it every day. I took this while in my car and it was on my phone, so it is not great. Hopefully, John can get out and get a good picture of it before the leaves fall off. Emma and I thank Jesus for this tree every time we pass it!

Has anyone tried these? I'm a sucker for Oreos and for anything mint. I saw these on display at Walmart yesterday and snatched them up. They are sooooo good. If you like Thin Mints, you must try!

I have been wanting one of these tshirts for a while now and I finally made my way over to Penguin Ed's and bought one.

Fayetteville does a great job of supporting local businesses. A lot of chains have gone out of business b/c of it. I thought this was neat until Fayetteville closed down Fudruckers and our family could no longer eat our favorite burgers for $12 total.

The best happy of all around our house this week!

Emma found her blankie. It went missing about 3 weeks ago and we have searched this house up and down for it. I knew it was in the house b/c she had it on a Tuesday night and on that Wednesday we never left the house and we didn't go outside b/c of the rain. Wednesday night rolled around and we could not find it. She did amazingly well without it. We got out some of her old small silkies and they did the trick for a few weeks. She asked about it every day and we looked every day, but no blankie.

Last week, she went to the dress up box (that I had looked in many times) and opened the drawer where the pom poms are and it was hiding at the very bottom. Apparently, we had not used the pom poms in a few weeks.

Emma and I were screaming we were so excited! I think I wanted her to have it back more than she did. I still have my blankie from when I was little and it holds a lot of memories for me. (I know, I'm weird) I was sad that she wouldn't have her blankie, but it's back. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

You need to see the tree in my yard it about matches that one.


Grace said...

fun stuff!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tiyr "happies" make me happy! Love seeing my babies!!


Melissa Darby said...

HOORAY!!! Alex lost hers over a weekend and it was harder on mommy too :) So glad it's back!!