Friday, August 29

Me & the Girls (less Allison): Day 1

Allison started leading a Fellowship girls cell group again. This time, she's staring with 7th grade Springdale girls. The fun part is, our niece, Grace, is in that group. What a neat relationship that could become! I love the fact that we are close to my sister and her family!

This evening, Allison left for Fall Retreat at Camp War Eagle. She'll be gone until Sunday afternoon. That gives me about 2 full days of Father-Daughter time, which I'm excited about, and a little scared about. So, what do I do with them for 2 whole days???

Tonight after dinner, we did "Movie & Tent Night". It really doesn't need much more explanation...we built a big flippin' tent, and watch the Little Mermaid 3. I also bathed Belle just before Allison left, because she's shedding about 4 handfuls of fur per day and smelled terrible. So while me and the girls laid under the tent and watched the movie, Belle laid at the front window, drying and growling at walkers.

First night down...1 1/2 days remaining...


Georgia said...

Grace is in 7th grade????? I am still recovering from that one.

The tent idea was awesome.

Anonymous said...

We missed you and the big fan!!!