Thursday, May 8

True Personality Starting to Show

Brooklyn turned 18 months on April 6th and ever since she has been a crazy girl. For the past 18 months, we thought she was going to be our laid back child that was a little more reserved than my other 2 around here. (meaning John and Emma) I am beginning to think we were very mistaken. The girl can throw a fit, but then turn on the charm 5 seconds later. As John would say, "Isn't that what all girls do." She is a funny little girl, but she might be more of a handful than expected.
It has been fun to see the girls interacting more and more with each other over the past few months. There have been more arguments, but also lots of laughs.

Here are some pictures of the past month and a half. We have been having some camera to computer problems, so I'm behind on blogging. I know not all of you care about all of this stuff, but I have to blog it for the history books.

I thought the girls were playing quietly together in the playroom, but come to find out B was alone in the kitchen taking every Kleenex out of the box. She would then pretend to blow her nose and wad each one up.

Brooklyn and Emma were playing outside and when I went out to check on them I found B under the trampoline. She was sitting on a stool with the cozy coupe gas tank, raising her arms in the air and squeeling. Emma came back outside and she informed me they were in a spooky cave.

Brooklyn's new hiding spot. I really couldn't find her the other day and I finally heard a little peep in the closet. She also uses the closet as her "pooping" spot. She even turns on the CD player before going in to do her business. Very funny.

I'm pretty sure Emma was closer to 2 or 2 1/2 before she started dressing up. Brooklyn put this whole outfit together by herself. She even got the high heels on the right feet. She came out of the playroom so proud. As everyone keeps reminding me, she does have the greatest dress up mentor of all time in her prescence on a daily basis.

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Erica said...

i love that she turns on the cd player before going to the poop closet.