Friday, May 9

Thank you to the Government

We got our money from the stimulus package deal last week. We decided to get the girls this little water/sand table with a bit of the money.

The sun came out today, so we decided to give it a whirl. It was fun, but will be more fun for me when it is warm enough to put them in bathing suits. Brooklyn thought it was more fun to dump water on herself (something Emma would never do) than to play with the water in the table. We used both sides for water today, but one side is supposed to be for sand. John and I hate sand, so there will never be real sand. I did get brave and bought Moon Sand. A review I read said they used the table for Moon Sand. We will try that another day. I have to space out the new toys. The water table is also going to be used as a Barbie swimming pool! This is what Emma is most excited about. Did you know Barbie's are only $5? We got 2 new Barbie's that have swimsuits on. Thank you George W. for a few new summer toys. The rest will go to savings.

On another note, Brooklyn is wearing me out today. She throws a fit whenever I tell her no. It is really starting to bug.


Anonymous said...

Bell is like Damn and all I got was a tennis ball from that Stimulas Package I couldn't resist ok....


Sydney said...

So fun! I wish we lived closer and could come splash with yall!