Tuesday, April 15


I had always heard of croup, but never knew exactly what it was. I learned first hand what it was last night.
Brooklyn has been sleeping a lot the past few days (I'm talking like 4 hour naps) and not eating all that great (the girl loves to eat, so this was big for her). Besides that, she has seemed fine. John thought she felt warm before bed last night, but barely had a temp. When I checked on the girls before getting in bed, B was breathing like she was congested. About 11:30 last night, I heard yucky coughing in the monitor. I thought B was throwing up. When I went in there, she was sitting in her crib crying, barking like a seal, and trying to catch her breath. It scared me to death. I was ready to walk out the door to the ER, but John stopped me. I had remembered my sister in law talking about sitting in a steamy bathroom with Luke many nights when he was little. So, we turned on the shower. I called Amy at midnight for "mommy" advice. Steam always worked for Luke and cold outside air worked for Grace. Luckily, the steam worked within 5 minutes for B. She went back to sleep and only woke up one other time barking. We went back to the bathroom to sit for a bit. We set the pack n' play up in the playroom for her to sleep the rest of the night. John was able to drop Emma off at school, so B got to sleep in. She slept until 9:45 and woke up with 102 fever. Went back down for a nap at 12:30 and slept until 5:00. We put her down for the night around 8:15. She just woke up crying, so I better go. Say a prayer for little B tonight.
Also say a prayer for sweet Lucy who woke up with an even worse case of croup last night and had to go to the ER. Ironically enough, they were in the same Mother's Day Out class last Thursday. Funny how that works!

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