Friday, February 1

Snow Day

Emma and I went to play in the snow while B was taking her nap this morning. I realize that I am a bad Mom for not taking B to play too, but she really just doesn't have a good water proof jacket. That was the main reason we waited to go until nap time. The coat Emma wore is a 2T coat that I bought cheap one year before a big snow. It actually fit her pretty well besides the sleeves being to short. Here is our little snowman that we made and Belle enjoying her snow day too.


Anonymous said...

Cute picks Emma is like my snowman and Bell is like ya check out my snowman lol..


kate said...

So cute! wish we could play with you guys! I think you are in LR this weekend. Hope you have fun! Holler when you get back. I want to hear all about it! We were supposed to get 1/4 in ice last night, but we didn't- just rain. they had spent all day salting the roads yesterday, the rain we got this morning washed it off, so now the roads are slick b/c of the fresh snow. Kind of funny to me. :) Can't wait to come in just about a month!