Wednesday, January 30

4 Years and 15 Months

I postponed Emma's 4 year check up a month, so that I could take her and Brooklyn at the same time. I knew going in that they were both going to have to get shots this time, so I told John to put it on his calendar. I needed back up! Of course, that was the day that John came down with the fever, so he was off the hook. I was not as worried about Brooklyn because she is not as aware about what is coming. Emma is a different story. I knew she wouldn't enjoy the shots, but I was just praying that she would not throw a drama queen fit for to long after the shots. I admit that I bribed her with a milkshake and a new game. (it was one that John and I got her for Christmas, but decided to save b/c she got to much on Christmas) She actually did really great! The nurses were awesome. We got there right before lunch so they were not very busy. One of the nurses actually came in to hold Brooklyn for me while I held Emma's hand. It was over quick and Emma was a champ. My tender hearted B took a little while to recover, but she did.

Both girls are completely healthy. Such a blessing and something I take for granted way to often. Thank you Jesus!
Here are their stats:
Emma: 41" tall and 36 pounds (can't remember the %)
Brooklyn: 29 1/2" tall and 21 pounds (somewhere b/t 25-50%)

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