Friday, February 22

Sharing a Room with Sister

John and I knew all along that we wanted to move Emma and Brooklyn into the same room at some point. We like the idea of sisters sharing rooms and we also really want to use B's room as a playroom. I thought we would probably do it when B was closer to 18 months, but the time has come earlier than expected. Emma has really wanted B to be in there, so we thought we would try it while she was willing. We set the pack n' play up in Em's room for the night. We are not committed enough to actually take apart B's crib and move it in and rearrange. Emma was really excited and B didn't know what was going on, but went with it. We put them both to bed about 20 minutes ago and haven't heard a peep since. Surely, this can't be that easy?? We will let you know in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Plus a playroom can turn into a really good guest bedroom for when your friends come to stay.


Anonymous said...

So what happened? I can't believe you did that! You are brave! I am too scared to sacrifice even one night of sleep! That is awesome. I hope it is that easy!!! I think that would be super fun for them. What about nap time? Miss you!

Sydney said...

Well, where will my 3 kids sleep when we finally make the trek up to you? I guess that will be a par-tay!