Saturday, February 23

Follow Up

They did great last night! Brooklyn woke up once and I went in to get her pretty quickly. Emma never even flinched when B was crying. I got B back to sleep quickly and they both slept until 7:15. B woke up first, which is unusual, but it was fine. It was an earlier morning than normal, but not to early.

Brooklyn does have a little cold and I think that is what woke her up last night. She is back in her room for a few nights. Once she is better, we will move her back in.

Kate, you asked about the nap situation. Brooklyn will nap in her crib and Emma will have her "quiet time" in the soon to be playroom.

It was fun going in there this morning to both of their little faces. I think it will be even more fun when Brooklyn is old enough to wake up talking with Em. I know the bedtime routine will not always be as smooth as it was last night, but they proved that it is possible for them to be quiet. I don't want them to be too quiet. The fun in sharing a room with your sister is getting to talk on your way to sleep.


Emily said...

Yep that went MUCH smoother than when we moved ours in together!! We actually set the baby monitor back in there so we could hear them visiting at the things we heard :)
Glad it went to well, you'll be glad you did it! My girls can;t stand to sleep apart's worth it!

Sarah said...

I want to put all the boys together in one room but I'm just not envisioning the same sweetness... how many boys in a room is too many?!

Erica said...

we love the idea of kids sharing rooms, too!