Wednesday, October 10

Weighing in....

We took Brooklyn for her one year appointment today. She got 3 immunizations and her flu shot. Emma also got her flu shot. Luckily, John was able to meet me up there for back up. Emma was much more aware of what was coming compared to last year, so it was drama at its finest!

Here are B's stats at 1 year:
Weight: 19 lbs. 8 oz.
Height: 28 in.
Right around the 25% which is a little less than her previous check ups. I guess crawling and walking is helping her slim down a bit. Luckily, she still has her cheeks and her rolls! I always like to compare Emma and B's stats at each point. B has always been just slightly bigger. This time was the same. She was 8 oz. bigger and 1/4" taller.

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kara said...

i LOVE this picture of her.