Tuesday, October 9

Brooklyn's Birthday Party

We had Brooklyn's birthday party at Johnson Park on Saturday. Her party inspiration came from a cupcake that I saw a few months ago. Thus, the decor centered around cupcakes and B turning 1.
B is our only way to ever have an outside party because the rest of us were born in the dead of winter. I was hoping for a nice fall day with no rain. God answered my prayers with no rain, but it was HOT!
Brooklyn did not waste time eating her cupcake. She dug right in! It was a fun day!


kara said...

i LOVE the cupcake idea and the cake itself and all the pink. fun!! not sure what i'm going to do for harbin 3 days after christmas...i'll have to get creative.:)

Anonymous said...

I like the middle picture the Best I bet she got that from john lol..


Megan said...

we drove by the park on Saturday (we live within walking distance) and saw that a party was going on. I said to Chris, "what do ya bet we know those people?" And we did!

Happy birthday to B!

martha said...

I'm so sad we weren't able to come. Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

The Merediths said...

Who is your family photographer? I need lessons.

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!