Saturday, August 11

White Water

I am not sure about other married couples out there with children, but we get so bogged down with being parents that we often forget to have fun for ourselves. It caught up with us this past week, so John and I planned a spontaneous day away together. I have a secret love for water slides, so my getaway choice was White Water in Branson. We have season passes to all the parks there (generous Christmas gift from John's parents each year!) and we had not been there this year. Allyn and I share a sitter for 4 hours on THursdays, so we just asked the sitter if she could stay an extra couple of hours. It worked out great! We had a great time riding all the slides. We spent a lot of time on the tubes in the wave pool and the lazy river. It was a treat to be able to be lazy and take our time without the girls in tow. We meant to take a picture, but we never did. Here is a picture of 2 of the new slides there this year. I did not go on the big one, but John did twice. We raced down the other one. It was really fun!
Our lesson in going was that we need to set aside a full day together at least once every 2 months to just have fun. It doesn't mean we have to leave town to do it, but just go do something for more than just a date night. This small thing has changed my attitude around the house. I need quality time!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure John wished he were there today.