Wednesday, August 8

2007 PGA Championship

I love golf. I grew up playing golf with my entire family. And until this week, I have never attended a PGA Tour event. This past Christmas, a few friends and I were standing around talking golf. They mentioned that the PGA Championship was coming back to Southern Hills CC in Tulsa this year. I got excited about the idea of going. So much, in fact, that I got home and asked Dad if he wanted to go. We bought our tickets that night.

The time is upon us. The tournament starts tomorrow (Thursday). Dad and I have tickets to the Saturday and Sunday rounds. Hopefully, it will be an exciting event. My friend Todd called me the other day and said that he and I were going to the practice round on Wednesday (today). Sure...twist my arm. We left the house at 5:00 AM and got there to watch a ton of players practice on the course. Tiger flew under the radar, so we didn't see him while we were there. But we got to see some great players and followed Vijay around for quite a while. He has a remarkable golf swing! And he's huge. And Fijian, so he's got a rockin' accent. I watched him hit a 220 yard shot to about 2 feet. Impressive!

Pictures are on Flickr.

Also, I will be guest-blogging on All Sides of Life this week, so check it out!


Anonymous said...

Get Tigers Autograph you owe me one for American Idol stuff have fun. Oh by the way it has to be authentic no crappy stamp on signuters lol.


David Ubben said...

Nelson, Cheese and myself made it over to Tulsa yesterday, and I'll be there Saturday and Sunday with my dad. Hope to run into you.

Also, John Freakin' Daly!