Friday, June 8

IDK, my BFF, Jill?

Ok, Cingular has a commercial out right now that I absolutely love! It really cracks me up every time I see it..especially when the girl says "IDK, my BFF Jill?" Here's the video:

Which brings me to my next talking point. The other day while having my car fixed, one of their courtesy drives comes in and is talking to a co-worker. The dude TOTALLY reminded me of Lafe...except a 50-year-old version of Lafe. His humor, looks, and the way he talks were identical! So I text Lafe at 8:15 in the morning:

[Me]: I just met the 50-year-old you.
[Lafe]: I bet he was a handsome sonofabitch.
[Me]: He was! I had an immediate man-crush.

I'm not sure if I got any weird looks or not, but I was laughing so dang hard at Lafe's response! It's just shy of pure genius.


Josh & Margo said...

Is this commercial as good as the credit card commercial where the man and woman are standing on the dock. Also, I thought that car was new? and you are already having work done on it.

kara said...

i love this commercial. reminds me of how haven is going to be. (and somewhat how she is now:))

Lafe said...

I am quite humble. And handsome. It's more of a curse than a blessing. And by the way, when you text messaged me, I was having a terribly stressful day, and your text message made me laugh...