Wednesday, June 13

Baseball Heroes

Luke (9) and Isaac (7), our nephews, were on the same baseball team this year. Sam (my brother in law) was their coach. They were undefeated all season and playing in the championship game, so we rolled the family out for a late night at the baseball field. I am not a huge fan of baseball (to slow for me), but I believe my mind was changed last night. I have not had that much fun in a long time. It was so fun yelling and cheering for them! The game tied at the end, so they went into an extra inning. The other team batted first and went ahead by 2 points. We were up next. Isaac hit the ball and got on base. Luke was next and hit a home run to send himself and Isaac home. Tied. WOW! We were all freaking out and so excited that the two of them had just had this brotherly moment and tied the game. Next guy up hits another homer and they win the game. AMAZING!
I had a really rough morning today and the thing that has pulled me through the day has been many deep breaths and reliving the win from last night. Check out how cute they are!

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Amy Hannon said...

This 'Madre' of those Padres is still shedding happy-tears about the game. What a night! I'm so glad y'all were there to share that memory! I mean - look at those Hannon guys!!! Studs who love Jesus - it doesn't get any better than that!