Saturday, May 19

Our Dates

John had to work VERY long hours this past week. All of his girls missed him very much, especially Emma. She asked for him every night and called for him when she wasn't getting her way from me. Her behavior changes when he is not around. Not necessarily because he is the disciplinarian (I am), but because she senses that we are not complete without him with us.

John asked Emma to go on a date with him this morning to get doughnuts. She was so excited for doughnuts and to be with John. I love their dates!

Brooklyn and I had our own date at home. She was in major need of a bath, so that was first on the agenda. She loves bath time. I walked into the bathroom with her and as we got closer to the tub, she started squeeling and babbling. I love that she is starting to recognize things!! B is down for a nap now. When she wakes up, the whole family is going over to Kurt and Georgia's for a law school graduation party for Kurt. Way to go Kurt!!!

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