Friday, May 25

Happy Things for B

Brooklyn (or "B" which has become her new nickname) has a cold and it is very sad. She is so snotty and hates to have her nose wiped. If only she could blow it. She has been a bit cranky, so I have been trying to think of things that make her especially happy. These are the top 10 things I turn to when we need to turn crying into laughing:
  1. Emma (she can do anything and B will laugh)
  2. Belle (our dog)
  3. squeaky noises of any kind
  4. stuffed animals
  5. Me dancing (that could make anyone laugh)
  6. A bath
  7. zirbirting her feet
  8. John making funny faces
  9. peek a boo
  10. the lion roar on one of her toys
B got this toy for Christmas, but we have been saving it until she could sit up on her own. She loves it and so does Emma.

1 comment:

kara said...

hope she gets to feeling better. she looks happy in this picture:)i can't believe how big she is getting.
i know harbin smiles at everything haven says or does. it's so sweet to watch.:)