Saturday, April 14

Times Square & Indian Dentists in Arizona

It's been an eventful couple of weeks for me. I spent a week in New York City for business, home for Easter, then out to Phoenix, Arizona for sales training. Now I'm home.

New York
Time/Warner's corporate headquarters are in Midtown (NYC). It is adjacent to Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza. I basically spent 12 straight hours each day in a conference room going over sales numbers and meeting everyone that worked on different titles (People, Martha Stewart Living, Sports Illustrated, etc). The weather was crappy. The last night there, a co-worker and I walked around Times Square for a little while. I took a crappy picture with my camera phone.

The training in Phoenix was a simulated sales call. Basically, they throw you into groups and you have to accomplish something in a limited number of meetings with people and with very little prep time. We were right next to the ASU campus and stadium (the picture is of the big "A" on the hillside by the stadium). But the big story for this trip was my body-numbing pain. The first night, my tooth hurt. I tried to go to sleep, but was unable to due to the pain in my tooth / jaw. I finally called a co-worker at 2:00 AM to get some aspirin from him. The next day, I fought the pain all day with aspirin. The next day, I was worthless to my teammates as I was running a fever and couldn't focus on anything except the pain. I started calling dentists in the area to get a meeting (and drugs). One guy had an open spot. I walked 3 miles to his office (the bellhop said it was a MUCH shorter distance) in 90 degree heat in pants, dress shoes, and a long sleeve button down. Lots of sweating. Sat in his office for almost 2 hours before I got in. He spent 3 minutes looking at my tooth. Infected. Root canal needed. Drugs prescribed. I walked to the nearest Walgreen's and got my drugs. Took them. Finished walking back. My root canal is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. I have horrible teeth. I'm the reason dentists drive luxury cars.

That's the long and short of my last two weeks. I traversed almost the entire length of the US. It's good to be home again. It's good to be with my girls again. And it's good to be on pain meds. I highly recommend them.


Josh and Margo said...

It seems like there might be some reason for your teeth problems, maybe some bad habit that is bad for them, I just can't think of what that might be.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, especially of the barn, horses, etc. Hope your root canal goes well. I think you should change your luxury car thing- this is why dentists children drive luxury cars. For the longest time my step-dad drove a beat-up truck while I was in high school. His two children drove BMWs.