Saturday, April 14

Photo Tour: The Airport Road

On my way to Phoenix this past Monday, I got on the road a little early in hopes of taking some pictures. The road to the airport is littered with very photographic opportunities. Barns, vast fields, deer, cows & horses, and streams. So I stopped to take some pictures near Osage Creek (I think). I stayed by the first bridge near the 264 and 112 intersection.

Looking at the stream to the north, I noticed an old decaying barn near the edge of the stream. I'm really fascinated with barns and want to focus on taking lots of pictures of them.

On the South side of the bridge is a large field that the stream cuts through. I lucked out and caught several horses drinking from the stream that morning. The previous week (when I didn't stop), I saw deer drinking there.

And while in Arizona, I was hoping to climb the small mountain behind our hotel and take some large landscape shots. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time, but I got a few shots out of my hotel room window.

Hopefully, I'll be going on another photo tour soon. The more practice, the better! I may even try out the Devil's Den Outdoor Festival at the end of April!

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Josh & Margo said...

It seems like I know someone who lives near Devil's Den.