Tuesday, April 24

Disney Princesses on Ice

This past weekend, we went to see Disney Princesses on Ice in Little Rock. Allison's parents (Gigi & Papa) bought tickets for Emma and us, and themselves. It was an amazing event! I grew up going to Disney World with my parents every year for vacation. So Disney holds a special place in my life. And the Disney princesses hold a special place in Emma's life, too, since she has watched each of their movies (Cinderella, Ariel, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Snow White). She sat awestruck the entire time.

They did have a big dragon (from Sleeping Beauty) that scared the living bejeepers out of Emma. She screamed and said she wanted to go home. We made her push on through and she was happy that the Prince awoke Sleeping Beauty after defeating the dragon. All in all, it was a pretty amazing adventure! The skaters were really good, too. Lots of figure skating acrobatics and stuff. And of course, Goofy, Tinkerbell, and Minnie & Mickey showed up to top things off. She loved it!

Check out the Flickr set for pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know Belle could Ice skate "joke"..