Thursday, April 19

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

I literally jumped off the couch, did the Carlton, Running Man, and the African Anteater Ritual when they said our token she-male was going home!

Commentators can talk all they want about why they think Sanjaya would have / could have won American Idol and why they think he was generating votes that kept him on the show up until now. However, there is always one of those contestants:
It's like each season, the writer's forget that there were some awful voices that remained and completely dumbfounded the world. In time, the voters always come around and start taking the competition seriously and begin voting as if it were a singing competition. We now have our final six.

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Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way did I forget to mention I get to go watch Live in concert May 1st and 2nd American Idol.