Monday, April 30

American Idol: A Friends-Eye View

My friend Blake won a trip to see American Idol live! He won through his local Fox station. He leaves today (Monday) and gets to see both the Tuesday and Wednesday shows. From his guesstimate, he'll possibly be sitting on the 4th or 5th row. Insane!

To top it all off, it's freaking Bon Jovi who'll be mentoring and performing! He'll also get to see 2 Idols get the boot this week, since they didn't kick off anyone last week. My vote is for Phil and Lakisha. My final 3 are Jordin, Melinda, & Blake. At least, I hope that's the way it works out.

Good luck to you, Blake. Get me a shirt while you're there, Punk.


kara said...

I'm with ya on Lakisha and Phil....that's awesome your friend gets to'll be sweet for sure!

The Walkie Talkie said...

No stink'n way. I didn't know normal people like us won stuff like that. Too bad you can't be packed in his suitcase.

I am just now tuning in to American Idol (travesty I know), so I am undecided on who gets my vote. Since it is obviously such an important one. Ha!

Travis said...

Too bad Sanjaya is already gone or Blake could have hit on his hot sister.

Be sure and ask him what kind of liquor Paula smelled like.

Sarah said...

I can't believe LaKisha is still there. Her enormous boobs and horrific lisp are driving me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Well folks I am back from American Idol I had tons of fun and would go back again if the chance ever came up it is much different being there but very awesome to see what was going on it is very loud in the stadium but cool not too loud though. It was weird sitting behind the Judges and not seeing there face but still cool. I think Paula must of had a few drinks the second night you could tell the first night she was much livlier. By the way Simons girlfriend is hot Travis. I got to see Gina Glockson first night her hair was long second night she came back and cut it short so now her front of the hair looks the same and the back has some spikes on it nicely done though. I also got to see Antonella Barbera. By the way I was in the back and not the front we were like 6 rows back. Ok got to run talk to ya'll later.