Sunday, March 25


Saturday afternoon, the fam went to visit Josh & Margo at their farm. The purpose of our visit was threefold: To see the Hale's and all the progress that's been made on the farm, to do several Bumbo Madness: Farm Series shots, and to entertain Emma with all the animals there (it's like a trip to the zoo for her). The highlights of the evening:
  • Josh caught a brim from his pond and let Emma touch it.
  • Josh found a spotted salamander near the pond. Emma touched it.
  • Lots of Bumbo Madness shots!
  • Great dinner! Brown beans, cornbread, & fried potatoes. If I were wearing overalls, it would have finished off the country feeling. It was great!
  • The meltdown of both my girls as we inched them closer to sleepless-induced insanity.
While we were doing a fishing shot for Bumbo Madness, we were having a hard time getting Brooklyn to look at the camera (shocker...she's only 6 months old). Brooklyn LOVES her big sister and pretty much watches Emma wherever she goes. Having asked Emma if she'd go over to Brooklyn and help her look toward the camera, I got to snap the picture to the left. For some reason, I absolutely love this picture! Just two sisters looking at something we can't see. It's a secret they both share together. I'm glad they get to grow up together and be friends.

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shauna said...

awesome photo.