Sunday, March 25

Bumbo Madness: The Fisherman

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of! It's pretty much the worst site I've ever seen, but that's all the more reason to go look at it!

You can view the gallery of BumboFun photos and even submit your own photo to be shared! (send photo to John @

Now on to the goodness that is Bumbo Madness:


Anonymous said...

I think the uh red and white bobble thingy is suppost to be in the water not out.


Kara said...

I was wondering when this would be back...we tried Harbin in his yesterday, but he's slumped over and it doesn't look like much we'll wait a few weeks to submit photos.:)

Kara said...

I love the one where she is on the John Deere.:) I'm going to run out of ideas of where to put Harbin by the time he gets acquainted with it.:) Maybe Micah can use his expertise and help.