Thursday, March 8

Rocket Ship

Emma: Mom, I'm going poo poo!!!
Me: I'm coming, hold on. Don't get up. I need to wipe you.
Emma: I went.
Me: Wow, Em, that is a big one. You must feel better.
Emma: It was big. Look Mom, it looks like a rocket ship.
Me: (Laughing and wiping)

I'm not sure where she got this hobby, but she consistently likes to tell me what shape her poop looks like. (she is normally pretty right on) The first time was close to Christmas and she told me it looked like a Christmas tree. I'm sorry this is a gross post, but those with kids will understand the humor. According to Aunt Amy, this all makes Uncle Sam very proud!


John Nelson said...

This brings a tear of joy and pride to my eyes...

kara said...

yay emma!!