Thursday, March 8

2 For 2!!!

I absolutely detest the Claw games you find everywhere. You know the games: the claw that drops down on on the unsuspecting stuffed animal, only to have the weakest grip ever and slide right off the animal shattering the hopes and dreams of little girls and boys. Yeah..that game.

Tonight at Neighborhood Market, I upped my winning streak to 2 in a row! A few months ago, I snagged some critter at the Springdale Hastings. Tonight, I snagged a yellow Easter Bunny. Emma was ecstatic, as was I. This was the conversation on our way out to the car afterwards:

Me: Emma, do you love your new Easter Bunny?
Emma: I do! But he's crying!
Me: Oh no! Why is he crying??
Emma: Because he misses his mommy!
Me: Oh...I bet you're right. But YOU can be his mommy now!
Emma: (said as if my statement was the stupidest thing ever) But Daddy, I'm not a bunny!

It's hard to argue with that line of reasoning.


Anonymous said...

too funny. Don't you love the way they think? I love the video of Franklin, too. (that is what Olivia calls her. She never can remember Brooklyn. sorry, she tries).

Allison Nelson said...

I can't believe you are saying you detest this game. You are completely sucked in by this game! You can't pass one without giving it a quarter. That is what Emma and I love about you. I do believe you have won me a stuffed animal out of there as well!