Wednesday, February 14

Dressing Up For Bed

Most of you know that Emma LOVES to play dress up. If we are at home, she never has on normal clothes. For the most part, she is a princess. Not always a girlie princess. She can be a ghetto princess, sporty princess, ice princess, pirate princess, and the list goes on. Emma has convinced John and me that she MUST wear her princess skirt and shoes to bed each night and for every nap. The first picture is our sporty princess. Dead asleep with her hat on and of course, princess attire that you cannot see.
My Mom and Dad got Brooklyn a tutu for Christmas, so that she could join in Emma's dress-up fun. Today when Emma woke up I showed her the outfit Brooklyn was wearing. It is a sleeper, but the feet look like she is wearing ballet shoes. (thanks GG) Here is the conversation between Emma and I:

Me: "Look at Brooklyn's ballet shoes on her outfit."
Emma: "Oh, she needs her skirt."
Me: "Let's put it on later because she is about to take a nap."
Emma: "But Mom, we ALWAYS wear skirts to bed!!!" (in her most serious tone)

Brooklyn has no idea how much fun she is going to have with her sister! We put the skirt on Brooklyn after her nap. Of course, she is in her Bumbo.

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