Tuesday, February 13

Bumbo Madness: The Trampoline

It's hard to tell where she is in the picture, but she's sitting on the trampoline. We could fend off Emma for only so long, so I had to snap the picture pretty quickly. I tried getting a picture of Emma jumping while Brooklyn was in the middle, but Brooklyn doesn't quite have the neck support to withstand bouncing on the trampoline. I also thought about Photoshopping a scene to make it look like Brooklyn was way up in the air and Emma had bounced her up. But my skills aren't there yet. Until then, we can only enjoy staged scenes on the trampoline.


Kara said...

Your girls look so excited!:) (but they are cute no matter what)

Nelson said...

Brooklyn was cold and tired of doing the Bumbo Madness photo shoot by this point.

Emma just wanted to get the picture over with so Brooklyn would get off the trampoline so she could jump.