Thursday, December 28

Poll: Wild Animal Pets

In a moment of extremely random thought, I asked myself the following question:

If I could have any wild animal as a pet, which would I choose?

I'm pretty sure I'd pick a squirrel. Why? Because they freaking rock! I mean, they can climb just about anything, they jump really well, and they're extremely cute. Tell me the picture here isn't cute? Makes you want to just hug it! And how about that cool thing they do with their tail? You know, where it shakes/shimmies really fast? That's awesome! And don't get me started with how fun playing fetch would be...the possibilities are endless!

So what about you? What wild animal would you choose as a pet?

Note: any animal is allowable. I'm going under the assumption that the pet would not harm you or loved ones in any way (aka Bear mauling).


Nate's Nonsense said...

Any animal can harm you, so in theory you can't pick any animal. I would be a tiger because they are big, beautiful and powerful.

martha said...

Definitely penguines. I've always wanted penguines. There was a book I read as a kid about penguines who lived in someone's freezer and they had the whole basement set up as a frozen play area. My grandparents had a bottom freezer and I always thought it would be cool to have a penguin in it.

Anonymous said...

mine would be a............. uuuuummmmm....... an.......... eevee. I know it's not a real animal but it's wild on the tv show (pokemon)