Saturday, December 30

Christmas: A Summary

I'm not known for my brevity. But in an effort to be brief, I will summarize our Christmas.

Visited Santa at the mall. Thankfully, Emma didn't scream her brains out in fear this year. She did last year, but it made for the best picture ever!


Did Christmas with my parents at my sister's house around the corner. Emma scored a bunch of dress-up stuff (skits/crowns/high heels/etc). Food was great. Left there and headed to Little Rock.

Sunday (Christmas Eve)
Didn't do much during the day. Went to Emmanuel Baptist Church's Christmas service. Emma kept asking if Mary and Joseph would be there at the church. Afterwards, went to Cathy's house (Allison's sister) and had a rocking dinner with the family. Opened a few gifts, just to prime the kids.

Monday (Christmas Day)
Santa came and brought Emma some more dress up stuff (a toy makeup kit...yippee), a cooking apron with her name on it, and some other stuff. Brooklyn scored some righteous teething toys and some of those dangly things that you hang on the car seat to entertain them. Allison and I are apparently alcohol-deprived in the eyes of our family. We scored about 4 wine-related gifts (opener, new stemless glasses, stoppers, etc). My parents got us Amaretto. We're set. Emma did score one of the new TMX Elmo dolls, and it's a riot! Annoying, but the laughing is contagious. We hung out the rest of the day and played.

The most fun gift Emma received was a kids digital camera. It's virtually indestructible and has like 4 buttons on it. You can see some of her masterpieces here. She's not bad. Just gotta teach her to stand still for 2 consecutive seconds so the pictures don't blur. She'll learn.

All in all, it was a really good Christmas. Lots of family, eating, and playing. Of course, Josh thinks we should give our kids a rock, tell them Jesus killed Santa a long time ago, and hang out in a commune growing corn. He's even influencing Martha, which isn't good...she's powerful.

Hope y'all's Christmas was great!


Josh & Margo said...
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Josh & Margo said...

Rocks can be fun and corn is good for you. You are so right that Martha is powerful(and smarter than me), she a force to be reckoned with.