Tuesday, October 24

My Desk

Seth and Todd did this recently, and it looked like fun. So here's my desk. Right to left.

Plant. Desktop with Predator protecting it. Double windows looking out onto a pleasant grassy area and woods (lots of deer and wildlife to look at). Windowsill of pictures. Laptop on the floor. Office phone, Treo cell phone, card reader. Crappy chair with no arms (I keep my arms on the desk most of the time). Computer speakers (hooked up to iPod dock with sub under the desk). Spit cup. Monitor, keyboard, mouse. Rear view mirror on monitor. iPod dock & iPod. Nalgene bottle.

What you can't see: another chair (for visitors) and another shelf with books to the left. To the right, 3 more computers that need fixing. It really isn't much of a space, but it's a bigger cube than most others have here in the office. I think it's a neat idea to see everyone's office/cubicle...it says a lot about the person usually. And it's where we spend a crazy amount of time. So what's your office look like?

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