Monday, September 25

NBC's Heroes

Ok, I just finished watching the season premier of Heroes on NBC. And I'm totally hooked! In fact, I haven't been this hooked since LOST began! My excitement levels for this show rival that of LOST and Alias' first season. It's absolutely amazing!

It's a little X-Men-ish in nature. Basically, a slew of individuals begin realizing they have "special" powers. These manifest themselves through teleportation, rapid physical regeneration, prophetic painting/artistry, the ability to fly, and more. Per some of the dialogue, this is caused by evolution / natural selection for the next breed of human kind. In future weeks, the characters will become interwoven and combine to stop a world catastrophe from occuring.

To be honest, this was easily the most well-done opener I have ever seen. The character development was well-captured and disclosed the perfect amount for you to connect with the characters, but not enough to over-expose them. The flow and logic behind the episode was perfectly done.

I really can't say enough about this show! It's the first time since LOST that I've been this excited about a show! If you missed it and would like to see the show, NBC is re-playing the episode tomorrow night (Tuesday 9/26). Give it a's amazing!

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