Saturday, September 30

BBB & The Shiloh Museum

Well, Bikes, Blues, & BBQ is in town. This information is only for those that don't live here in NWA. If you DO live in NWA, then you've already known this: there are bikers everywhere. I by everywhere, I mean e-ver-y-where. Roaring down the streets on some tricked out bikes. Weaving dangerously in and out of traffic, causing all the non-motorcycle traffic to freak out and head to the median of the highways. It's a joyous time. And great people-watching!

Friday night, we went down to Dickson Street with the Cramers. We ate at US Pizza, then walked up and down the street, looking at the motorcycles (or bicycles, as Emma continuously calls them). For some reason, Emma was obsessed with finding red motorcycles and riding on one. We found plenty of red ones, but did not get the opportunity to ride (or sit) on them. We then watched a man juggle fire, which was pretty impressive. He's the same guy that does magic tricks on the square during the Farmer's Market. I took some video of it, and you can watch it here.

After blowing out our eardrums with countless motorcyles vying for the loudest rev-up, we went home. But Emma didn't sleep much last night...and neither did Allison. That's an entirely different I'm moving on.

Today, after Emma's nap, I got the hankering to do a quick photoshoot with Emma. We packed up and went to the Shiloh Museum. This is a great place that Brooke showed us when we did our photoshoot there last Spring. Though it wasn't a very successful shoot, we at least got to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather. Tonight...we're crashing on the couch and watching a movie. Here are some pics of the weekend:

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