Wednesday, December 29

Happy 7th Birthday Emma!

Emma's actual birthday is on December 5th and we were able to have her party on the actual day this year. Emma wanted to have a swim party, so I did some research and we ended up at The Boys and Girls Club in Fayetteville. We had never been, but we will be going more often now. It was awesome! It has a gradual entry pool, a spray mushroom and a really fun water slide. They have a party room right by the pool which was really nice.

I remember being a kid and thinking how fun it was to swim in the middle of winter. They all had a really great time!
The kids got to swim for about an hour and then we dried off to do cake and presents in the party room. Emma wanted a Littlest Pet Shop cake and with very little guidance from me, Shelby Lynn's pulled off another super cute cake!

John did a great job getting pictures of Emma and each of her friends. She invited a few friends from school and also friends that we have had for life that we don't go to school with now. John got the annual Molly, Emma and Elle picture which I love! He also got a fun picture of me and a few of my besties. We all had our first borns 7 years ago, within 4 months of each other. We live life together and I could not be more grateful for each of them!

At 7 years old, Emma is a blast! She is a really great little girl and a lot of fun to be with. Her mind is still full of creativity, like it was when she was 3. She loves school, LOVES to read, loves to write, loves to draw and loves her friends. She might be a techie, which makes her Dad happy. She enjoys "talking her Dad into" playing Lego Starwars on the Wii when he gets home from work. She doesn't have to twist his arm to hard. :) She is an awesome big sister. She loves Brooklyn and for the most part, loves to play with her and help her any way she can. Em enjoys a job and is becoming quite helpful with things around the house. She asked Jesus into her heart this year and is begging to get baptized. That is top on our list for things to schedule in 2011. She loves going to church and is always eager to learn her verse each week (even if there is a treasure box reward for it). I have loved doing a short devotional with her each morning before school this year. It starts both of our days off on the right foot! Emma, you are loved. You will always be the girl who made me a Mommy. You are beautiful inside and out and I love that God has entrusted your sweet spirit to Daddy and I. You make our jobs really easy!

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Sydney said...

Such sweet words for a sweet little girl. Love this post!
And I had a couple of indoor swim parties growing up (January bday) still some of my favorite parties!