Saturday, April 17

Three Tea Design

My friend, Mandy Baker from Three Tea Design, has been up to some fun stuff lately. As we speak, she is participating in the NWA Boutique Show. Mandy and another one of my friends, Lindsey Kelley, are sharing a booth and it looks awesome! Mandy has personalized placemats and precious silhouettes that you can choose from. Lindsey has some really cool handpainted canvas' and barn wood signs.

Mandy asked if she could use my girls pictures as samples on her placemats and I immediately said yes! If you scroll down past the silhouettes (which I just ordered of my girls today! I got the simple scallop b/c I'm simple like that), you will see the placemats. So cute! Go visit both of their sites!

1 comment:

Sydney said...

You seriously know so many cool and artistic and talented friends!
How cute are those things!