Wednesday, January 13

Christmas in Little Rock

On Christmas afternoon, we packed up and headed to Little Rock. The roads were fairly clear on 540 and perfect once we got to I40. We had to take 2 cars because John had to be back at work on Monday and the girls and I wanted to stay a bit since Emma was out of school. It was a good thing we had 2 cars because we had a lot of luggage and gifts, plus Belle.

We got to Little Rock around 5:00 and we had Christmas with my parents and my sister's family. It was fun to watch the girls pass out gifts to everyone and to watch them give Claire her gifts. They were so excited for her to have her own grocery cart! The girls were spoiled with gifts. They got a few new games, a Build a Bear (which ended up being GG and Mom building the bear!), puzzles and ZuZu pets. Actually Brooklyn already had a ZuZu pet from her birthday, but my parents got her a bag and blanket for it. Emma received a ZuZu pet and the bag and blanket. (we found out the next day that you should not put the ZuZu pets near your hair and turn it on. The picture describes what happened. Oops!)

They both got a Barbie plate set that included a bowl, glass and plate. They loved it all!

For some reason, we did not get a lot of pictures while opening gifts, but John did get a few of the girls of my family. I'm not sure how my Dad and Terral did not make it in any of these. I guess John enjoys taking pics of girls more. :)

I love this one of my Mom and sister.

Claire Bear and Cathy! Love it.

Brooklyn, Emma and Claire. How I love these little girls and how I love how much they love each other!

On Saturday, we lounged around and played with new toys. On Sunday, we did a lot of the same thing. We went out for BBQ at lunch and then John had to head back. The rest of us headed over to my sister's house around 4:00, so we could celebrate Claire's 2nd birthday! My camera did not make it over to their house for some reason, so I have no pictures. It was a cupcake party for the family. All of Terral's family and our family were there (minus John) and we had a great time celebrating a sweet little girl.

On Monday we ventured to Emma's favorite Little Rock hotspot, The Wonder Place. I wish I could open one in Northwest Arkansas. It is such a great idea and really lets their imaginations come to life. This was the first time we had been since Brooklyn was under 1, so it was brand new to her. She loved it and has been asking to go back.

My parents hung out with the girls on Monday night while I was the 7th wheel at dinner with some friends from college. It was great to catch up with them in person and laugh like old times.

The girls and I packed up on Tuesday morning and headed back home. It was a great visit! I wish it wasn't 3 hours away, so we could all play more often!

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